How about a documentary on Journalists covering the Iraq war called "They Died With Their Mics On"?
I believe Bin Laden when he said Zacarias Moussaoui wasn't a planned 9/11 hijacker. This is the guy who ran up and down the Isles screaming I am Al Qaeda, I think even airport security could figure out that he was a flight risk.
More like an aBOREtion debate *YAWN*
More like an aBOREtion debate *YAWN*
Your weather department couldn't predict the weather in a shaken snow globe.
The Volokh Conspiracy - CIA Director Porter Goss Resigns:: "In light that the last CIA head Goss has exited running away from a scandal suggests we make the head of the CIA a classified position.

Having a scandal and the head of an organization forced out with no replacement lined up must really hurt the war on terror, to avoid that and for the larger reason that if the terrorists know who is running the CIA they can infer his/her style of management and what to expect. For Example if the director postition is classifed the terrorists will be unable to determine if the new CIA chief is a tech head and they need to watch cell phones, or if he is an old schooler and they need to watch those around them.

It also makes it safer for the new head of the CIA, since his identity will be hidden can relax and not stress about his personal safety as much allowing him to more effectively do his job.

The key here is defeating the terrorists, and if the director of the CIA has to remain classified to be more effective at winning the war on terror, we shouldn't know who he is."

also notice this came out on a FRIDAY is the administration that afraid of the Daily Show/Colbert report?

BTW Has Harriet Myers found a new job yet?