cheap Halloween costume.

On the front a piece of cardboard that says blowjobs $5, white t shirt on the back written "Yes, I am dressed as your mom"
IF black people have big cocks

and short people have small cocks

Does webster have an average sized penis?
Hitting the links

Old and busted

Goofing off on the clock playing golf with your buddies

New Hotness

goofing off on the clock by surfing the web.... GET IT.... HA!

Make your creditors *SNAP* go away.... pay your fucking bills.
Great concert moments that never happened issue #1.

John Lennon at Madison Square Gardens

Starts playing I've got a feeling

I've got a feeling, a feeling deep inside
Oh yeah, Oh yeah.
I've got a feeling, a feeling I can't hide

The brings the mic down to is ass and lets out this huge fart.