I can't remember if I wrote this idea down, so I am writing/rewriting to preserve it.

Plan to get a blow job out of a woman who isn't attracted to you. invite her over, rent baby geniuses 2. From her POV sucking your dick will seem like heaven compared to having to watch that movie.
Texas justice isn't just blind it's deaf and dumb as well
They say "Hell is other people", but that's not true. Hell is that mother fucker right there. other people are pretty damn cool, but that guy is a dick.
I think I am going to start referring to the federalist society as Scientology for law nerds.
I wonder how can the Liberals be attacked for being

A. Cultural Elites
B. Cultural Relative

at the same time. Either you think your leftist culture is better, or you think all cultures are equal, you can't have it both ways it makes no sense.
Oh damn, I thought I was supporting absinthe only sex education