"No tax dollar left behind!"

It seems to me we shouldn't celebrate soldiers who died in Iraq, its clear by their actions they undermine the war, and then we pay money to their families when they die, doesn't that just encourage them to pass on. I am almost certain I liberals had a hand in setting this system up, because it is based on emotion not on rational reason.
Not mine Blatantly stolen from ReindeerF's post on the Debate and Discussion forum

With Bush, the glass is not just half-empty, it's been spilt!

I was thinking about protests the other day, and I came to the obvious conclusion that they are such a waste of time. The only thing that really changes anything is $ and if all those protesters spent the day at work and donated that days wages to whatever cause they supported it would make 50 times the impact that dressing up like a poodle and carry around a sign that says bush rapes kittens has.

I don't ever ask for money since this costs me nothing but seriously if you have any compassion for your fellow man (or woman) help out here like I said on the side I can vouch that this is 100% legit even though I am not directly involved. If you have a blog or something posting a link to that site would be mighty kind of you.
I need to start Halliborton, and send a couple phony invoices up to the White House for insane amounts, then retire, I don't think the White House even looks anymore they just cut you a check.


It pisses me off to no end that Conservative press critics are trying to take away a basic American right, the right to compare the current sitting president to Hitler.

Recently Moveon.org was attacked over and over because one ad out of 100s compared Bush to Hitler, then Dennis Miller attacked Democrats for the same reason, and Andrew Sullivan has been relentless even having a Bush=Hitler watch. After each of these assualts spineless Liberals either pointed out the hyporcrisy or went scurring away bending to their brownshirt tatics, the main thing that happened they stopped comparing Bush to Hitler.

That right and the right to compare our government to the book 1984 are the basic building blocks that every American uses to construct their viewpoint on everyday issues. To take this away is an attempt to control society, much like the soceity in the book 1984. In the multiple Academy Award winning film Crimes and Mistatmeaners Woody Allen makes a film comparing Alan Alda to Mussulini, which shows its common to use these axis leaders as rulers and hold them up to other people

Now everyone knows this, so the question becomes, why, why would they so harshly attack the people comparing Bush to Hitler..... then it hit me, because its true Bush is Hitler, its the exact same way you can joke around and call that 90 pound girl fat (Hitlery Clinton) but if you call that 300 pound girl fat its really offensive, and in bad taste.

wisdom nugget of the day, anyone who calls themselves a pundit should be ignored.

A Simple Request

Democrats please take head. I don't care who wins the primary tonight, but whatever you do don't play the this person couldn't vote, or I saw supporters of X candidate sneaking in. No one wants to hear it, it makes everyone look bad.

I don't have anything entertaining to put here so I will insert a picture I think is funny.

Art Attack

Israeli ambassador kicked out of Swedish museum after vandalizing art and what is the response from Israel?

According to A34 from the Something Awful forums
Sharon in swedish, but I'll make a translation myself:

-Jag ringde ambassadören i Sverige, Zvi Mazel, igår kväll och tackade honom för hans styrka att stå emot dem ökande antisemitismen och sa att hela regeringen står bakom honom
– Jag tycker att ambassadör Mazel har agerat på ett lämpligt sätt. Jag tycker att fenomenet (antisemitism) är så allvarligt att det skulle ha varit förbjudet att inte ha agerat på plats.

"I called the ambassador in Sweden, Zvi Mazel, last night, thanking him for his strength to resist the escalating anti semitism, and told him the entire government is behind him. [...] I think ambassador Mazel acted in an appropriate manner. I believe the phenomenon (anti semitism) is so grave in nature that it should have been illegal not to act at the scene"

The BBC picked the story up

Thinking outside the Box State

I was thinking about how the Iowa caucuses works, the damn thing takes 6 hours to do, and I think I have come up with a much better system. My system uses the fact the caucuses take place in mid January to its advantage.

Here is how it would work. In each District each candidate drags out a car, for example Dean could use a Volvo, then all of the supporters of each candidate put their hand on the car of the person they wish to support. Then we wait six hours. During that time if anyones hand lifts off the car they are sent home. At the end of the six hours the Candidate with the most hands on their cars wins the caucus and one person from each district, chosen at random wins the car they have kept their hand on.

This new bold inventive idea would not only increase turn out, because who doesn't want a chance to win a car, it also would increase coverage, it would be a political reality show extravaganza. Hell I bet it would be so popular the Dems could charge the media to cover it.


legit too, see I wouldn't lie to you baby


Recent Pat Robertson: God told him it's Bush in a 'blowout', then not a month later Bush seeks billions for religious groups This is an obvious quid quo pro situation and I am shocked that the previously untarnishable God would sell out.
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I was thinking they should sell liquor in shots, like a needle, so you can just in find a vein and go.
Howard Dean, more like Howard Mean

Iraq shot down a chopper, but I don't think its because they hate us, I think they shoot because Iraqis are scared and frightened by these strange flying machines, that I am sure they have never before seen . Imagine you had never seen a helicopter than all of the sudden one is flying overhead looking menacing, they were just protecting their families. If we just educated these poor Muslims a bit better we could have avoided this tragedy
WMD. I don't get it, either Bush lied or there was an huge intelligence failure. People say it would have been idiotic for Bush to lie, that makes a certain amount of sense. Nothing would be found, so someone or alot of people fucked up big, that along with the mistaken we will be welcomed in Iraq makes me confused. See you get fired from wal-mart if your register is $50 short, no one AFAIK has even been written up over all this
2nd amendment, the Idea that guns could defend out homeland from an oppressive government doesn't hold up today. The army has better guns, and bullets bounce off 70% of their bodies. If one looks at Iraq it becomes obvious what we need to make legal is c4
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