You ever think Men and Women shopping has its roots in our more primal time when men hunted and women gathered, women would go out and compare and pick ripe fruit, men would go out kill the first thing they found and bring it back.... just a thought

Based on this Blurb from Wonkette

Head vs. Head: Jim Dyke, RNC Communication Director vs. Howard Wolfson.

Howard Wolfson: Clinton reminds voters of a time when they were doing well.
Dyke: Clinton reminds people of the pre-9/11 mindset. .

I am sure this argument plays well, but I myself would give anything to go back to a pre-9/11 mindset

Saddam is still a threat!
He still wants WMD
even in prison
he has every intention of trying to get them if he is released
and he is actively trying with the help of his lawyer to get out of jail
No one will read this, but the Liberals should do all they can to Push all around, it is straight audio from the debate, Bush sounds like shit.
See, if Kerry had giving the mission accomplish speech, we would have finished the mission by the time he finished the speech