In Raiders of the Lost Ark, can you imagine if Indy got his wish and the Ark was put in a museum, then during the opening in which thousands of innocent people attended they opened it. I bet he would feel pretty bad about that and maybe decide some stuff belongs in private collections.
Do lesbians looks for a girl with big hands?
Unconstitutional acts that would make America better part I: mandatory STD tests for entire population. Anyone found to have an STD must get a Mr. Yuck Tattoo on their genital.

You know what would suck, if you lived your life as a good Christian, then finally the rapture starts. This is the moment you've been waiting for you are being taken up. All of the sudden you blurt out Jesus Christ this is awesome. Bam Commandment violated and you don't get to go. That would suck
All economics is local
All economics is local
I think our culuture has hit a defined low at this moment.
Thought up new so bad its good pick up line, thought up too late of course. Hey, You just have to hear my alarm clock.