What makes people think God is against abortions? Even if a fetus is a person (It ain't), it isn't like God had a big problem killing kids (remember the plagues on Egypt?) God killed all the first born. Hell abortion and infantcide is downright holy.
If I am a child of God (or the Holy Spirit), then I got a deadbeat dad I need to collect some paper from.
The federal government should let the states decide abortion laws, who should in turn let cities decide abortion laws, who in turn should let communities decide abortion laws, who should let a woman decide for herself if she wants an abortion.

Wait a minute, that's what it is like now.
An Eye for an Eye leaves the whole world blind, which is exactly what some of these people want, they want to hide how truly ugly they are.

Or something this idea hasn't been flushed out... or down.
"Pope Celebrates Easter, Prays for Peace" Shouldn't the Pope be praying for VICTORY? Peace, what is that a tie, a truce, a retreat from the War on Terror?

You know, the Pope doesn't just sit in his Ivory Tower with his big hat on, The Pope sits in an Ivory CASTLE. He is so out of touch he has his own country. It isn't surprising he is so popular with the people of CUBA is it?
I checked my phone earlier today, and I found I had no missed calls. There is some duality in that, I didn't miss any important calls, but on the other hand no one tried to call me when I wasn't around my phone
Person A:sadly, we're actually the good guys
Me: that's a euphemism for not realizing your potential
there but for the grace date of god
"failure is not an option, it's a solution"
Poolitics | Put your money where your mouth is! My bets so far

WIN! Will Abdul Rahman – who has been charged in Afghanistan with rejecting Islam and converting to Christianity – be sentenced to death? I said No and was right

Pending! Matt Santos winning the west wing election

Pending! Comedy Central not showing the trapped in the closet southpark before the airing of MI:3
Stop being sadder than Morrisey at a strip club
Less Than Zero Tolerance, would be a good Veronica Mars episode title.